About Us

Jeff Carlson is a licensed agent in Colorado and California. He has worked for a number of reputable insurance carriers, gaining world class experience. On one call in a rural, Rocky Mountain area, he went to present plans to a woman who had called his company. After talking
 through her scenario, he could have talked her into buying a plan. Instead he put his pen down and told her, "I'd love to sell you a plan here, but I don't think any of these plans are what you need." That's when he decided to become a broker, so he can hand pick the best plan for every customer. Some of the ways we can help:

  • We want to help your small business provide benefits for your employees without marginalizing all your profit. There are ways you can provide high quality health care without breaking the bank.
  • We can also help those turning 65 navigate the maze of medicare supplements. When you get that brick of paperwork in the mail, give us a call so we can simplify your choices.
  • Through Colorado Senior Benefits, we help with final expense benefits to cover those unexpected costs your family incurs when you move on.

It helps to have someone you can trust in the insurance business. We look at your life, your company, and your health 360°.

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