Insurance. Group Health & Medicare Supplements 360

360º Health & Life is an insurance broker, which means we don’t represent one health insurance provider. We represent all carriers and every one of their plans...and there are a lot of them. It’s our job to broker the deal between insurance carriers and individuals, to translate your insurance needs into the best plan for your money. But you don’t lose any money on us; we’re paid by the insurance companies. Your premium is the same whether you use 360 or buy direct from the carrier. There’s no loss on your part in using a broker. In fact, you gain many things:

* Time that you would have spent comparing plans on the Internet.
* A live person qualified to answer your questions based on experience.
* Health and life coverage that meets your needs and your budget.
* Annual review to make sure you are still in the most competitive plan.

We won’t tell you where to go, but we will supply you with choices. We take a look at your health needs 360º and we only give you what you need - not the special of the month or the plan that’s paying the best commissions. We narrow down your options and you let us broker the deal with the carrier.

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