Dental Insurance

Let's face it, none of us wants to go to the dentist, but as many dentists will tell you, "you only have to take care of the teeth you want to keep." Don't let $10 a month keep you from your regular checkups. You might just save thousands of dollars in costly dental work. Before you shop for supplemental dental coverage, think about:

  • How much insurance you need? Do you customarily have a clean bill of health every time you visit the chair, or do you have to go back for more work?
  • Do you have a health savings account? If you can negotiate a good pre-pay plan with a local dentist and you can pay through the pre-tax dollars in your HSA, you might not need to purchase a dental plan.
  • Is anyone in your family involved in an active sport? Even if your shiny whites are in perfect condition, a baseball or a car accident can change your smile forever. If you want basic coverage in the event of an accident, you might want to shop accordingly.

For starters, go to Discount Dental Brokers to see what your options might be. We're happy to help you narrow your options.

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