Health care reform: why buy insurance now?

The bill signed by President Obama on March 23, 2010, brought many Americans to a halt in considering next steps in health insurance. There are so many unknowns about policy limits, pre-existing conditions and individual premiums that many insurance shoppers feel paralyzed in the process. Why buy insurance now with so much uncertainty?


How to turn your High Deductible Health Plan into vacation cash

High deductible health plans (HDHPs) are more than insurance; they're a way to save $. These are plans for healthy people with no critical pre-existing conditions who rarely visit the doctor, but want to protect their assets from being sucked into the healthcare system in the event of an emergency.

Are they a good idea? You bet!


How is your mortgage paid if you get sick?

It’s hard enough to shell out cash for health insurance that you’d rather spend on the house or a vacation. Paying for disability and life insurance on top of that is a real stretch for the average budget. Yet without it, families are living on a dangerous precipice, ready to lose many things all at once – a loved one, a house, a standard of living that cannot be recovered.

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Health Care Reform Timeline

What does healthcare reform mean to you? 360º Health&Life is your go-to source for the impact of health care reform on Colorado. We’re in constant dialogue with all the carriers in the state to see how government policy is changing the way healthcare is bought and sold in Colorado. The following page contains the most current timeline on reform measures in underwriting and the evolving health care exchanges coming out in 2014.Read more

How to Lower Your Premium

If you went to the grocery store and handed over a $20 bill for a $20 purchase, what if the clerk handed you $5 back. Would you say, “No
thanks. I think my groceries were worth $20?” Unlikely. Most of us have plans for our cash. 360º keeps you informed 360º on how to keep your money in your pocket. It's not about the size of our commission; it's about your family spending more money on vacation and less money on insurance.Read more

$$$ Back in Your Pocket

Life insurance. Do you really need life insurance? Would a reliable life insurance policy take care of anyone you leave behind in the case of an unexpected death? What if you don’t plan to die any time soon? (Who does?) What if there was a life insurance plan that actually rewards you for NOT dying? Did you know that there is a type of term insurance plan that returns your premium if you are still living after the term of your plan?Read more

Insurance. Group Health & Medicare Supplements 360

360º Health & Life is an insurance broker, which means we don’t represent one health insurance provider. We represent all carriers and every one of their plans...and there are a lot of them. It’s our job to broker the deal between insurance carriers and individuals, to translate your insurance needs into the best plan for your money. But you don’t lose any money on us; we’re paid by the insurance companies. Your premium is the same whether you use 360 or buy direct from the carrier. There’s no loss on your part in using a broker. In fact, you gain many things:

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